Capital that matters

We are an entrepreneurial industry partner providing bespoke finance solutions and investment opportunities using our industry knowledge, proprietary asset analysis tools and financial acumen. Our mission is to deliver a step-change in financing and investment creativity and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Our unique vantage point allows us to participate in the constantly shifting market conditions that are synonymous with aviation, and remain relevant to our clients.

Capital is evolving

Disruptive forces and disintermediation have changed financing markets beyond recognition in the past decade. Traditional aviation finance markets are at a crossroad as new financing paradigms emerge to better serve the aviation market place.

Capital solutions


As an experienced counterparty and owner of aircraft we can unlock valuable liquidity through sale and leasebacks of aircraft and spare engines. We embrace a wide-range of asset types and vintages from single units to total fleet solutions.

Operating lessors

We are resourced to analyse and acquire large pools of diversified aircraft types and lessee credits quickly and efficiently. Our legal, structuring and financing experience enables us to minimise execution risk for sellers.

Financial owners and investors

Access to a broad range of risk capital positions our platform as an ideal trading counterparty for financial lessors, bondholders and tax investors looking to create liquidity in their asset positions.

Aviation lenders

We can fulfil a variety of counterparty roles for lenders – as a new business partner or risk off-taker in restructurings. Our appreciation and experience of the regulatory challenges facing banks today positions us as an ideal partner to manage balance sheet challenges.

Special situations

The unique demands of aviation mean that distress and restructuring are a reality. In order to prolong value in assets and businesses requires a combination of granular analysis and constructive debt and equity solutions delivered in time-critical circumstances. Our platform is resourced to meet the rigourous demands that these situations present our clients.


Disruptive forces and the disintermediation of traditional participants have permanently changed the landscape of non or limited recourse senior debt providers. We are able to take a wide range of risk positions in recourse and non-recourse bespoke senior debt financing solutions to airlines, lessors and aircraft owners.

Clients first

We pride ourselves on putting clients first and delivering thoughtful, step-change solutions to the unique capital demands and challenges in aviation. We understand the importance of working with an efficient counterparty focused on delivering cost-effective capital efficiently with minimal execution risk. Our team of professionals will draw upon their significant experience to meet your immediate capital needs and develop long-standing relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Capital Solutions


We look forward to discussing your specific capital requirements and developing solutions that enhance your business.

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